UN 231 8TC-PID

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UN 231-8PH22-0XA0 UN200 71.2×80×62

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  • 200 Temperature Modules
  • 4TC & 8TC PID products integrate advanced PID control algorithm, and integration for large lag, emperature and temperature in the mutual interference temperature reaches the set temperature simultaneously. For low speed, large delay temperature control field optimization PID control algorithm to solve the problem of slow temperature control, heating speed and temperature overshoot
  • 4/8 channel thermocouple temperature measurement, 16-bit resolution
  • Signal optocoupler isolation, stable performance, easy to use power isolation protection
  • Integrated advanced PID temperature control algorithm, multi-temperature zone temperature control. Dramatically reduce equipment commissioning time
  • Applicable temperature range: room temperature ~ 500 ° C (depending on the environment and different).
  • Heating overshoot ≤3 ° C, steady state error ≤1 ° C (varies depending on environment)
  • Targeted industries include extrusion, injection molding, large-scale textile machinery and other multi-temperature control industries
ModelUN 231 8TC-PID
Order numberUN 231-8PH22-0XA0
Power consume


Power characteristics
From bus current consumption107mA
From L+ current consumption 60mA
Voltage range20.4~28.8V DC
Optical isolation(field to logic)>500V
Analog input characteristics
Analog input8
TypeFloating thermocouple
Common mode rejection>12dB@120V AC
Lead length to the sensor(Max.)100meter
Circuit loop resistance100Ω
Noise suppression85dB@ 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
Input resistance≥1MΩ
Inputvoltage(Max.)30V DC
Module refresh cycle580ms
Data word formatTemperature data format:Actual temperature x10
Input rangeTC type:J、K
Measuring principleSigma→Delta

Voltage:15+1Sign bit


Basic error0.1%FS
Cold-side error±1.5℃
Address rangeVW
PID characteristics
PID algorithmPID parameters self-tuning, temperature linkage
Sampling time1second
PID output typeAnalog or PWM pulse width control
PID output polarityBipolar or unipolar
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